Valkyrie Training knows that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise from the past decade to develop a variety of professional services to meet any client’s requirements.  


Our success stems from the quality of our selected personnel, equipment and the exceptionally high service standards we set for ourselves. Through building an “Esprit de Corps” amongst our employees which makes them proud of their profession, we are able to achieve all our goals and ensure not only service excellence, but total client satisfaction and safety.

We offer a wide range of professional security solutions to the private, residential, corporate and industrial industries through the following services:

• Unarmed Security Officers
• Armed Reaction
• K9 Patrol Units
• Access Control
• VIP / Executive Protection
• Safety Escorts

Our philosophy is to work progressively towards employee involvement and participation in the company’s vision. This in turn allows them to exhibit greater individual responsibility at all levels towards the attainment of our fundamental goals.

Our Security Officer’s responsibility is not only to be a visible crime deterrent to protect our client’s physical assets and their employees, but also to be a professional ambassador and representative for our client.

We choose our security officers for their ability to deliver a high level crime prevention service, and their ability to communicate and make effective decisions during times of crisis.

A unique integration of extensive experience and specialisation, guarantees the client the most comprehensive security services.



Our security officers are the most important asset in our company, as they are our client’s and Valkyrie’s ambassadors. Our officers are professionals trained for each unforeseen event and able to handle all situations to produce the safest, most effective outcome in every scenario. First impressions and the integrity of Valkyrie Training Services are paramount to our success, and therefore Valkyrie Training staff:

Take pride in their appearance and actions – Whether patrolling, providing access control or acting as information security officers, all
personnel are groomed to accept their role as representatives of the client.

Possess a professional demeanor - Because our security officers
represent our clients as well as Valkyrie Training Services, all security officers perform their role with corporate identity, pride and specific needs in mind, acting at all times as ambassadors to the stakeholder.

Be trained and registered – Our pre-employment screening and selection process verify each officer’s
certification and registration with PSIRA to ensure their personal qualities, trustworthiness, honesty and integrity.

Whether our officers are monitoring a commercial building, security complex or private business, they provide a strong presence and watchful eye. Our guards are hand-picked for their experience, diligence and effective communication skills.

Valkyrie Training Services can provide any business or home owner with unarmed security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, tailoring our services to meet the unique demands of the particular situation.


Valkyrie Training Services offer highly skilled and trained Patrol Dogs and Handlers. The Valkyrie Training K9 patrol and protection guard dogs, under the direction of their security handlers, provide the most effective deterrent to crime available today. Our dogs are not handled by more than the one handler which ensures a strong bond required between the two as a security team. Our Patrol Dogs enhance the capabilities of our uniformed security officer service, and help deter crimes before they happen.

Why are patrol dogs such an effective deterrent to crime?

  • Their acute senses of smell and hearing make them all around more effective that a camera or human.
  • Dogs are more intimidating than people - a protection dog poses a much bigger threat to most intruders than does another human being. Criminals and vandals avoid areas where patrol dogs are known to operate.
  • In the dark they can become your only effective sensors.
  • These dogs are well trained to pick up on unusual behaviour and suspicious activity.
  • Even a professional security guard cannot sense every threat, there are certain instincts that patrol dogs possess that humans simply do not.
  • Patrol dogs are physically fit and have the capability to chase down an attacker or intruder much easier than a security guard.

Choosing to have a highly experienced, specially trained guard dog patrolling your site can improve security and reduce any cost against multiple static guards or CCTV and alarm systems, and most importantly reduce crime. Who certifies our handlers: Every dog handler successfully completed the DH1-DH2 Handler Training course through Braveheart Academy.


Meet and exceed our client's expectations through:

  • Monthly client liaison
  • Specific job descriptions
  • Refresher training
  • Weekly and Monthly meetings
  • Supervised site visits, day and night
  • Management availability 24-hours / 7 days a week
  • Uniform and equipment inspections

Implement customized services:

  • Armed security officers on request
  • Security officers armed with paintball guns on request

Appropriate guarding equipment:

  • Pepper Spray
  • Baton & Hand Cuffs
  • Cell phone
  • Pocket Book
  • Panic Button connected to IMC Reaction (except in once-off assistance)
  • Torch (when night shifts are applicable)

Satellite Tracking:

Our Security officers are provided with live 24/7 reporting software that allows Valkyrie Training’s management to verify that all patrols and duties are being performed as required throughout each shift. This software also allows our security staff to electronically report suspicious or concerning interactions, and security post check-ins to our management team as they occur in real time with GPS mapping. The software can also be set up for each individual client to access the security guard’s site reports 24/7, giving the client peace of mind that all the contracted security duties are being performed as required.

There’s nothing better than knowing that you can lock up your business at the end of the day and know that it’s safe from intruders and other criminal activity. Although more business owners are relying on technology to protect their companies, technology can be unreliable and unstable. Security patrols are your best option when it comes to securing your assets, whether it’s your products or the employees inside of the building.